Josep Ensesa i Gubert, in one of his writings explains the origins of S’Agaró and the Taverna del Mar:

” … In 1920, new developments further prepare the birth of S’Agaró … acquiring the Establishment of Baths installed last year in the then San Pol Beach … with their primitive 1800s beach baths, only used in time of heatwaves … In 1929 the restaurant of the S’Agaró baths was built, used as an annex to their bar services, part of the simple terrace of the bath house. A few years later, the terrace burned down on a winter’s night in 1935, and the Taverna del Mar was built on the same spot, its inauguration taking place on Sunday July 19, 1936 … and it was then abandoned until its revival in 1939 ” .

With the passage of time and the hand of Mr. Ensesa Montsalvatge, son of the founder, La Taverna del Mar became a local reference for its excellent location and fare. After his death , the rights to La Taverna del Mar passed into the hands of his daughters Julia, Virginia and Carina, who took control of the project in 2014, and celebrating the history of the family, opt for an elegant and stylish renovation. To this end, the designer Lázaro Rosa Violán is contracted for the decorative aspects, with very clear guidelines to ensure that the appearance of the new Taverna del Mar respects its origins and locatation.

La Taverna del Mar is committed to the quality of its offering, with a team of excellent professionals ready to cook and serve the best produce from the sea in an incomparable atmosphere. At the same time, Banys S’Agaro continues for another year as an icon of this wonderful place on the Costa Brava.